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Supply Chain Management Solutions, SCM SOlutions
  Help customers realize huge cost savings and revenue opportunities by eliminating supply chain inefficiencies.  

How do I achieve it?

The solution does not lie in traditional transactional ERP systems, which are reactive in nature. You need a decision-making system like Planvisage Solution which
  • Helps you to maintain inventory levels of your products based on customer satisfaction, demand variability and supply variability
  • Makes planning decisions to allocate constrained material and shared capacity to your high priority customers
  • Helps you provide due date commits to your customers on when your products can be delivered
  • Optimizes on sourcing decisions on when you should order raw materials from your suppliers, and in what quantity. Unlike ERP systems, this material requirements plan (MRP) must consider real-time capacity constraints, so that inventory is not stocked unnecessarily
  • Helps you to schedule capacity resources optimally, maximizing plant utilization efficiently and effectively
  • Provides a feedback on plan vs. actual to enable continuous improvement - Kaizen
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