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  Advanced Planning and Scheduling Solutions (APS) resides over ERP to do planning taking into account material and capacity constraints.  

Advanced Planning and Scheduling Solutions

APS will reside over ERP and will do the planning taking into account material and capacity constraints. Problems are encountered everyday like delay from supplier, cycle time variation, material / WIP rejection, resource breakdownand so on.

This is further compounded by demand from customer who could change the due date or quantity of order or suddenly give an order with a very short delivery period. So any production plan cannot be fixed as it becomes infeasible the very next day. In such a dynamic environment the capability to have high speed re-planning capability is of immense value.

A company can become flexible, responsive and reliable and while keeping inventory and resource downtime low by running production plan frequently. Planvisage helps to achieve this as their core strength has been in the area of production planning and scheduling. Through Planvisage planning solution, work orders and material requirements at the shop floor are automatically generated taking into account real time material and capacity constraints. The planning algorithm can be run frequently so that all the problems in factory are visible. Due to the forward visibility that the Planvisage solution provides, preventive measures can be taken before a problem goes out of proportion. These features were demonstrated to your team, earlier. More details about Planvisage APS solution is provided in Annexure A and B.


  • Customer Perspective
    • Rush order handling and show how it affects other orders
    • Order promising with realistic and reliable due date
    • Provide visibility if order is getting delayed in advance
    • Expedite / De-expedite / Cancel suggestion
  • Financial Perspective
    • Improve throughput. Reduce WIP and raw material inventory. Sequence the operations such that resource is not down waiting for material
    • Determine cost of a production plan or an order in advance i.e. at the planning stage itself.
    • Reduce logistics costs due expedite shipments.
  • Business Process Perspective
    • Ability to do high speed planning as frequently as desired. Simultaneously consider all material and capacity constraints.
    • Rapid “what if” capability
    • Quick re-planning when exception occurs
    • Allocate constrained capacity and material to high priority customers
    • Reduce setup time by pulling similar items together whileloading on resources
    • Know production plans in advance for proper planning of material requirement, reduce fire fighting.
    • Significantly improve supplier relationships
    • Improve employee productivity (specially planning department)
  • Knowledge Improvement perspective
    • Debottlenecking of constrained resources.
    • Multiple options to handle exceptions and their impact.
    • Assist in reducing rejections / improving productivity.
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