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Supply Chain Management Solutions, SCM SOlutions
  • Supply Chain Management Solutions, SCM SOlutions
  • Demand Forecasting Solutions
  • Replenishment Planning Solutions
  • Production Planning Solutions
  • Shop Floor Scheduling
  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Cost-effective Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions
that increases both top line revenue and bottom line profitability

Supply Chain Planning
Demand Forecasting

Demand Forecasting

Demand Forecasting Solutions Generates statistical forecast
and enables both top-down and
bottom-up forecast

Demand Forecasting Solutions Features

Production Planning and Control

Production Planning

Production Planning Solutions generates work orders and procurement orders taking into account both material and
capacity constraints

Production Planning Solutions Features

material requirment planning

Replenishment Planning

Replenishment Planning
Solutions calculates and maintains safety stock at warehouse
and plant

Replenishment Planning Solutions Features

Supply Chain Palanning

Shop Floor Scheduling

Shop Floor Scheduling
Sequences and schedules
work orders based
on manufacturing

Shop Floor Scheduling Solutions Features

Supply Chain Planning

How do I
achieve Growth?

Supply Chain Management
The solution does not lie in traditional transactional ERP systems, which are reactive in nature. You need a decision-making system like Planvisage
Supply Chain Management

Our Supply Chain Management Solutions (SCM) Trusted
by top organisations in every industry

Supply Chain Management
  • After using Planvisage, Inactive Inventory has been reduced by 56% in Madurai and 37% in Madurai Exports and Surplus stocks (where available stocks cover next 45 days demand plus their safety stock demand)...

    Mr. Padmanaban, Senior Manager (Materials)
  • Through Planvisage Schedules, we are able to get the planned idle time in our resources. We try to fulfill this idle time by getting more orders from the customers....

    Mr. V. Suresh, Director – Marketing
    Aquasub Engineering
  • Earlier there was no feedback loop to marketing team on when the order will be delivered. Now with Planvisage solution, we are able to give continuous feedback to marketing team based on existing material and capacity constraints....

    Mr. Balaji Kiran, Chief Planner
    Amara Raja Batteries
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Supply Chain Management